How much do you charge?
If you are building, purchasing, or remodeling your home – you already know that your home is your largest investment. Creating the best possible space that works for you and your family is of utmost importance to make the most of that investment. It is imperative that you protect your investment by hiring an interior design “advocate”, saving you time, money and headaches on your projects while advising you on how to enhance the value and resale value of your home.

Is there a contract?
I have a simple Letter of Agreement that is signed by both of us. Included in the agreement are the hourly consultation and mileage fees, purchasing options and basic conditions of our agreement

How do you charge?
There are many ways that we charge. In case your venture incorporates re-trying a total room/rooms, or modern development, we work on a settled charge premise. In case your venture incorporates a parcel or a room, or misc. plan things around the domestic, we work on an hourly premise. In expansion to the plan charge, we offer choices when it comes to acquiring item and decorations. In most cases we offer a rebate off of the retail cost of item. You'll spare cash by obtaining your item through Nate Fischer Add.

What will our project cost?
It depends on the level in which you would like to require your extend. In the event that you have got budget for your extend, we take that into consideration when planning the scope of work and the plan expense for your extend. Eventually the ultimate fetched for your extend is up to you. You set a budget and it is our work to maximize your extend inside budget.

What cities do you work in?
We do take on out of town and out of state ventures on a case by case premise.

Do we need to use your contractor or architect?
Not at all. We are going work together with your builder, or tradespeople. We are more than cheerful to allude you to those who can help as well. You may not pay us for development related labor, that's between you and your temporary worker. We'll act as a contact between you and the builder.

What experience do you have?
His encounter ranges from working in San Francisco with one of Structural Digest’s beat 10 originators of the decade, to littler boutique firms in Salt Lake City, and Laguna Shoreline. His individual extend base ranges from corporate add, to one room enhancing ventures.